ISPAD Fellowships 2013

In 2013 ISPAD offers two Fellowships: Research and Clinical Fellowship.
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Research Fellowship:
This grant for ISPAD members below age 40 is designed to cover expenses for a 6 month’s (or longer) visit in an ISPAD member’s centre and can be applied for by ISPAD members who wish to study or carry out diabetes related research at a recognized centre of excellence. The individual applicant needs to have a project with good science which can be at least in part accomplished in that time frame. A letter of support from the member in whose centre they will be working should also be provided. This needs to attest to the acceptance of not only the person applying, but the project and the support of the applicant in their centre. We recently have increased the funding for this competitive fellowship to 25,000 USD. The recipient will give credit to ISPAD on any publication arising from any work done during the fellowship.

Clinical Fellowship:
This is the Allan Drash Clinical Fellowship for ISPAD members below age 45 and is currently for 5,000 USD. It is intended for spending time (approximately 6 weeks) at an ISPAD centre of excellence to learn for example programmatic issues, clinical care, setting up a program or learning how to set up a clinical study. The receiving ISPAD member needs to send a letter of support for the applicant, indicating what that individual will be doing in their program. The applicant needs to state the reasons for choosing that centre, and a description of their objectives and goals.

Applications should include:
Ӣ CV, current place of employment and position
Ӣ The aims of the visit to the centre of excellence
Ӣ A research plan or outline of the study/project to be undertaken
Ӣ The expected outcome and benefits, particularly to the applicants own centre
Ӣ A letter of recommendation from their own centre
Ӣ An acceptance letter from the research director/ISPAD member in charge at the nominated centre of excellence
Ӣ Proposed dates of the visiting fellowship

The deadline for applications of both fellowships is May 15th 2013. The decision will be taken by the ISPAD Board meeting in connection with the ADA meeting in June. A report should be submitted to the steering committee within 1 year after completed fellowship.
“ISPAD centre of excellence” refers to a centre where a senior person in the faculty is an ISPAD member with an active research or clinical program