ISPAD Rare Diabetes

The EURO-WABB project

The EURO-WABB project is a European rare disease registry for Wolfram, Alstrom, Bardet Biedl (WABB), Thiamin responsive megaloblastic anaemia, and Wolcott Rollison syndromes. The ISPAD contact persons are Prof Timothy Barrett
( and Prof Wojciech Mlynarski (


The International Wolfram Registry

The International Wolfram Registry is led from Washington University, St Louis, USA by Prof Alan Permutt. The registry is open to patients from all over the world. The ISPAD contact person for this registry is Prof Neil White (

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ISPAD Rare Diabetes

The ISPAD Rare Diabetes in Exeter led by Prof. Andrew Hattersley ( is the central clearing house for all enquiries from ISPAD members about rare diabetes. It is a resource for information about all forms of diabetes, and offers molecular genetic testing on most monogenic forms of diabetes. If the person (even if an adult today) was diagnosed with diabetes before age 6 months, this analysis is done for free (except for shipping costs).